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What we do?

Need working capital line to procure raw materials or finished goods to meet your business or trading requirements?

We assist SME and SMI entrepreneurs to arrange for credit facilities from banks and financial institutions. We help to provide a comprehensive suite of financing for businesses from Financial Institution no matter which stage your business is at. These products were developed based on our years of experience with the business community.

Give us some info about your business so that we can help you find the best loans package.

We place great importance on building long-term business relationships with our customers.

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  • General working capital needs, from purchase of stock, managing overheads, and other business related purposes
  • Wide range of trade facilities and services
  • Flexibility with the standby source of funds whenever required


Financing for your short term needs to ease the cash flow of your business such as purchasing of stocks, overheads, and financing your business properties.

Key Features

Overdraft -   Overdraft is a flexible and convenient financial tool that meets your working capital requirements. Allow you to withdraw additional funds quickly and conveniently.

Term Loan - 
A fixed amount of loan standby facility for your urgent, unexpected financial needs and granted for an agreed period of time and to be repaid in fixed installments. Term loans are normally granted for the purchase of fixed assets.


SME loan is basically funding of small and medium-sized business enterprises.  It can be used as a working capital as well as for long-term requirements. It is approved after considering the nature of business, cyclical trends, cash flow projections, and peak time requirements.

Key Features

Term Financing - Term financing may be used for purchase of fixed assets, for example: Property / Equipment / Refurbishments / alterations. With fixed payments, you will be able to plan and manage your cash flow effectively.

Cashline - Get instant cash without touching your existing deposits or investments! Whether it's for urgent payments, education expenses, business or other commitments.

Revolving Credit - A working capital facility to address your financing needs over a short to medium term period. You can choose to either repay the full amount or renew the loan tenure by servicing the interest at the end of the loan period. This facility has a distinctive payment period used to meet short-term working capital requirements. This facility is especially useful when businesses require an extra injection of funds.


Personal loans can be a viable option in a variety of circumstances. Which also allow you to borrow a fixed amount of money, can be used for a variety of purposes and often boast interest rates that are lower than credit cards. Some uses of personal loans include financing a big-ticket purchase, paying off medical debt or consolidating multiple credit card debts into one affordable payment. They differ from mortgage and auto loans in that they don't require collateral.

Key Features

Personal loan can be used for any personal financial need and the bank will not monitor its use. It can be utilised for renovating your home, marriage-related expenses, a family vacation, your child's education, purchasing latest electronic gadgets or home appliances, meeting unexpected medical expenses or any other emergencies.

Debt Management Program (DMP)

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) allows you to pay off your debts at a rate you can afford. It’s suitable if you have non-priority debts like credit or store cards, overdrafts and personal loans. Your DMP provider will help you work out an affordable payment and talk to your creditors. You make one monthly payment to the DMP provider who then pays your creditors for you.

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